Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Insider's Guide to My First Time

I had no idea what I was doing...we are locked in a room and we have to find our way out and an hour! All I can see are a bunch of locked cabinets. How is that supposed to help? After a few minutes, though I must admit it felt like longer, we realize that one cupboard is unlocked. We open it. Speakers! Maybe this was the one that was supposed to be locked. After all, why would there be speakers?

Ah! Perhaps there's a reason for this. We tried asking the game master to share his clues, but alas, he was quite reluctant to speak! As time goes by, we start understanding a bit more what we must do and how every little piece in the room links to something else. It's just finding the link that's the hard and tricky part.

Put your detective hats on and start working, I told myself.

At a point in time we made our way into a room and realize that to complete this puzzle we need something from the previous room. I try to open the door! It's locked! A heated argument pursues with the stress of the time inching ever closer to zero. "Put some force into it! It wasn't locked a second ago!" After what seems like an eternity, Mr. Game Master reopens the door for us to get the missing link to the puzzle.

We make it out of the puzzle escape room with one minute to spare. What a rush! You can actually feel my heart racing!

We finally get to meet Mr. Game Master, the man behind the screens, who told us that not many players actually manage to finish and escape the room within the 60 minutes. Our success feels even sweeter since this was our first time in an escape room. Though surely, not our last.

This made me wonder...did you succeed on your first time? Or did you need just one or two more minutes? Share your experience with the group.

Remember, do not reveal any puzzle details!

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