Monday, 14 September 2015

5 Myths About Puzzle Escape Rooms

For many of you who have accepted the challenge of puzzle escape rooms and succeeded, or came tantalizingly close to, you know that few activities offer the same level of fun and excitement. Puzzle escape rooms truly are one of the best unique attractions when going abroad or when you are looking for a fun night out with friends.

We have asked many of you for your thoughts and we thank those who sent in their answers about puzzle escape rooms (if we didn't ask you for your opinion then you are probably not on our list, click here to fix this right now!)

The team at was surprised with a few common myths or misconceptions some people have about puzzle escape rooms and we are at hand to clarify them:

  • Puzzle escape rooms are scary - Wrong!
Rooms are themed to specific scenarios. There are rooms decorated to look like an office in New York 1930s, others that look like a pirate ship, others yet that look like a boardroom. Whilst there are a few rooms which offer a more terrific scanario, such as a jail or mortuary, the aim is to set the mood, not to scare you.

  • Puzzle rooms are claustrophobic - Wrong!
Generally speaking all rooms have open spaces and fit up to 6 to 8 people comfortably. Puzzles are well spaced out and you won't be stepping onto each other's feet to get around. If you feel comfortable on a plane for an hour's flight, then you will definitely be at ease in an escape room. What's more, the room is constantly monitored so in case of any danger the door can be opened immediately.

  • Seen one escape room, seen them all - Wrong!
Our puzzle escape room operators prides themselves of creating unique and innovative puzzles, ciphers, assemblies and challenges. They represent some of the best and most creative escape rooms in the world. No two are ever quite the same, no matter where in the world you go.

  • You need to be an Indiana Jones to win - Wrong!
Puzzle games make you the protagonist of your own mystery story. That being said, you don't need to be a detective mastermind to succeed. All you need is common sense, logic and intuition. The puzzles can get challenging and the stress of the countdown doesn't help, but if you stay calm and reason things out, no puzzle is impossible to solve.

  • Hard to book online - Well...
As things stand it can be challenging to find the right escape room in the city you wish. However that is all about to change with as players will be able to find and book some of the best puzzle escape rooms around the world in just two clicks. What's more, players receive a special discount and those who join our Enigma Members Club also get unique promotions.

Is anything keeping you from trying a puzzle escape room?

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