Saturday, 19 September 2015

5 Worst Ways to Escape Puzzle Rooms

At nothing gets us going quite as much as a good puzzle room. Each time we figure out the right combination or decipher a code, our heart begins to race a little bit faster, so that by the end of the game we can barely keep it in our chests! We are sure that you, as many of our fans out there, feel the same way.

We want to make it a little bit easier for your to win your next puzzle room and aim to be the fastest team, so we got in touch with some of our partners around the world who design and run their escape rooms so that they can share some tips & tricks which can help you.

So here you have it, the 5 Worst Ways to Escape Puzzle Rooms.

1. The team from Quest Mission says you should not keep the goal in mind. After all, the journey is more important than the destination. Escaping is not the goal of the game. They just call it an escape room to tease you! At the end of the day it is important to keep in mind that you are not going there to enjoy yourself!

2. Do not work as a team, wise words from the teams at Hidden Rooms and Rimini Escape. Whenever has working as a team been of any help? There's no I in team, but there is an M and an E! Discussing, of any sort, is not recommended! Do not share your ideas, discoveries and findings at any point. If you find something and do not know what to use it for the best thing to do is hide it where the others won't find it. That way you can get back to it later, maybe you will find some other clue to help you solve it. In the meantime, give your team mates other puzzles, preferably ones that you have already solved. That way, they won't be busy getting in your way.

3. The same advice is given by the One Hour Left team who suggest that if you get stuck, you shouldn't speak up. Do not show any weakness, that is why escape rooms are not recommended for couples or groups of friends. It is you against every one else and the game is more fun with a group of strangers. Asking for help? Shameful! Just shameful!

4. Do not be curious. The SOBBA Quest team have seen what happens to cats when they get curious and they do not recommend it! Being curious and motivated will lead to others feeling the same way and that could have undesired effects in an escape room where time is running out.

5. The team at Escape Room Live DC suggests that when you find a clue you focus on it and forget about your surroundings, in a sort of, watched kettle always boils kind of way! The people at Hidden Rooms agree and suggest you don't search for more clues when you get stuck. They also suggested getting a Master's degree in theoretical physics, or, at the very least, rely on Sheldon Cooper to figure out the puzzles for you.

We hope you enjoyed reading these suggestions from some of the top puzzle escape rooms. Remember, the advice given was all in code, we wouldn't want anyone to misinterpret the instructions after all.

Do you have any useful advice for completing puzzle rooms? Add them in the comments below, but remember to do it in code too.

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