Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Only 2 Ways Of Doing It In Doubles!

Many Escape Rooms offer different ways of enjoying the rooms as they have more than one room on site. When being a group (by group I mean 4 or more) there are so many ways of doing things....but one of my favourite has got to be doing it in doubles! But how you ask? The answer is so obvious!


1. ...and each team goes into a DIFFERENT puzzle escape room. Who will make it out first? But SORE LOSER ALERT! These come up with so many reasons for them having won themselves. I say this because I always come up with a million reasons myself! But despite this, it is still such a hoot and a great way of adding some competitiveness to an escape room. I've tried this out in so many ways. Couple vs couple. Girls vs boys. Family vs family. Office vs office. The list is practically endless. Being in the same group as someone you don't know as well also adds to the excitement and what a great way of increasing time together to get to know one another better (or at least feel more comfy).

2. ...and each team goes into the SAME puzzle escape room. A number of escape rooms are now offering the same room at the same site. So you can literally challenge your mates to see who manages to escape first without the sore loser excuses! Sort of! Again...guilty! has many rooms available for such competition. The Robbery which is the perfect adventure for wannabe-thieves. Your aim in this game is to rob a highly secured vault and, obviously, escape the room. At this same address, in Warsaw Poland, there also is Time Machine, where you travel through time and space to gather as much information as you can to escape. If you find a third group, challenge them to try Laboratory, which tests your creativity, perception, intuition and science skills. Or else if you're in London check out Chain Reaction where the bunker that was your lifeline has become the very thing that can kill you so you must find a way out before it's too late. Your adversaries can compete in Prison Break in which you must break out of a jail cell which you find yourself in after a night out. Are you up for the challenge?

For the even more competitive (option 2) we suggest Introduction To A Secret Society in Lisbon where you must infiltrate a secret society and take part in its initiation rites. You can here compete with not only one but TWO other groups! 

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